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[livejournal.com profile] isumi_ilde is trying her luck in the Indonesian Idol 2012 audition!!


Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPkZ8GZiaBk

Pretty, pretty please with cherry on top, click like, okay? Thaaaaaaaaaaanks ♥
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My brother made it :')

"Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but with joy and laughter,
as if I were beside you.

It was heaven while I'm with you,
and now I have risen, and join the others in heavens.

Jinx, son of Jacko"

Thank you for having been with us, for giving us joy and laughter, for each sweet memory we've created. We'll always love you. Sorry for everything, and thank you. Now RIP, our beloved Kitty.

RIP Jynx

Sep. 20th, 2011 07:49 pm
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Thanks all for the prayers and support. Jynx has gone now, we' re going to retrieve his body tonight. RIP Jynx.
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Tomorrow is the briefing for the new students at the Uni I'll be going to starting October. Wish me luck.

I should have paid the first installment for the tuition fee back on Sept.10 but I kinda forgot XD;;; hope it's not too late tomorrow, lol.

Also, Jynx has a urinary infection ;A; I hope it'll get better soon because otherwise his kidney would fail eventually >.<;;

Aywaaaaaay. Snagged this from [livejournal.com profile] finite_farfalla because I am a procrastinator like that.

Comment with whatever you want here.
Even just to say hi. You can also drop me prompts, although no promises that I'll write them all are made, considering the many things I have to do, but if it's only drabbles, I think I'll manage. Feel free to ask about anything too: personal or not, or whatever you want me to write and I'll try to fill them XD Anon is enabled, if you want to anon. :)
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My brother picked up a kitten. It's white with a black dot--somewhere. (I didn't get a good look yet) but yeah, it looked like it got left behind by its mother or something.

The first who found it was a neighbour's kid a few days ago. The kitten was meowing pitifully from inside a gutter, and that kid picked it up (good boy). But maybe since he didn't know what to do with it, he just cleaned it up and left it in an empty house next door to mine.

Last night when my brother just got home form work, he heard it meowing like it was hungry and--yeah. He picked it up.

What's interesting is this.:

It's the empty house next door, abandoned and all yeah. You see that small gap made by one missing bar? My brother slipped into the yard through that gap. YES HE DID, and I was like "OMFG you CAN slip through THAT?"

Now, my brother eats a lot. Three times (or more) my normal portion a meal, but he kinda has a super-fast metabolism or something that he stays very skinny. But seriously, to be able to go through that small gap? >.>;;;;

When I told my mother, she was surprised too xD;;

Anyway this is the kitten. It was sleeping when I took a pic before leaving for work this morning:

It's still so small and skinny :<

Other than that, work is still--well. Busy. But the vacation is nearing. I so can't wait for it ♥
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I just got stalked. IRL.

Creepy stalker is creepy )
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So I've been sick for more than a week (though I only took one day off last week, because now's a busy time at the office). Maybe it's the lack of proper rest because I've been staying up late working on a comm with [livejournal.com profile] nherizu (since we have a deadline) that I recover slow, but today I kept on coughing till my head hurt, being a little oversensitive due to having my period and crying over a little something, couldn't finish half of my lunch and then--

To put the icing on top of the cake, when I was about to go home from the office, I fell on the sidewalk for no reason.

Scrapped the very same knee I had scrapped when I had fallen on the sidewalk sometime around the end of last year when I just got my toenails removed. Oh, the uhh... Second toe whose nail is still growing, is scrapped too.

Damn it hurts :<

but anyhoo. Hello friend-list, I'm alive. I'll post something happier next time after I get my much needed rest XD;
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On Friday afternoon in Japan, an earthquake hit a few miles from the eastern coast. Initial reports ranked this as a 8.8, but this morning it has been updated to a 9.0. This is a post to gather information and to reblog, so people know where to find the information they need.


The most up-to-date place to find information about the tsunami and conditions in various countries is Twitter. I found out about the earthquake and tsunami warnings about 20 minutes before it was on the Hawaiian news through the feed there. Below are links to specific feeds, but you can easily alter the search to find out about places you want to find information about.





CNN has an online live stream of their coverage here.

Al Jazeera English has a live stream of their coverage here.

Google has set up a crisis response page, complete with emergency numbers and a people finder for Japan.

A list of tsunami landing times for various countries can be found here.


The Red Cross is accepting donation via text message.

CANADA: Text ‘REDCROSS’ to 30333 for a $5 donation.

USA: Text ‘REDCROSS’ to 90999 for a $10 donation.

UK: Text ‘REDCROSS’ to 70600 for a £5 donation.

All donations will appear on your NEXT cell phone bill. It’s less than the price of a movie.

Details on other donation methods:

CANADA: http://www.redcross.ca/article.asp?id=38380&

USA: http://newsroom.redcross.org/

Global Giving has set up a relief fund here.

If you have any other resources that need sharing, please comment on the Livejournal equivalent of this post or Ask here on Tumblr.

Please Reblog and Spread the Information.



Info, News, Links and Comments Post: re: Japan Earthquake

Also, a spreadsheet I got from [livejournal.com profile] pinkxpiano for a list of surviving Mangakas.

ETA: This blog post says the Red Cross is not the best, it provides alternatives if you want to donate, though of course in the end, you should donate to a charity you believe in. This is just an additional info, thanks.
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My deepest condolences for Japan. Pray for the safety for other areas along the Pacific coast as well. I heard Tsunami warnings have also been issued in the Philippines, Russia, Hawaii, Taiwan, Guam and a few others, including Indonesia.

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has issued a tsunami warning for Irian Jaya, Papua, North Maluku and North Sulawesi.

It expects a tsunami, triggered by an 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan at around 2 p.m. on Friday, will affect several areas in Indonesia.

The agency, which issued the warning on various media including television and its Twitter account, said the tsunami would reach Indonesia at around 6 p.m.
Source: The Jakarta Post

Be safe people! I saw the BMKG warning on TV earlier included 1118km southeast of Jakarta, too. Also for those in Bali-Singaraja. Be safe my dear uke [livejournal.com profile] pinkxpiano, also for [livejournal.com profile] mugen_noa. Hopefully nothing bad would happen.

Let's pray for the world, people >.<;;;;
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Me: I have to go to the hospital later this afternoon
My BFF: What's wrong?
Me: Just a check up to the dermatologist. The fungi on my toes are pesistent.
Me: Not funny. The meds are expensive :|
My BFF: Just get your toes amputated, the fungi will be gone without a trace *ROFL*
Me: DDD<

Dear BFF. Your moral support, it slains me. >__>;;

That's how our relationship has always been by the way xD;

PS: [livejournal.com profile] dark_kana and [livejournal.com profile] elysis, I got your cards!! FINALLY. lol. Thank youuuu <3<3<3
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Dear Tooth/gums/inner cheek/the general insides of my nouth.

Please stop hurting me! The aching even reach my neck and the back of my head, dammit. What the hell. I couldn't even eat all that much.

With(out) love,

P.S. Regarding the zodiac change due to the emergence of the 13th zodiac: I refuse to change from Aries, thank you.

P.P.S. Home internet should stop bitching.
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Hello dearies, how have you been?

By the way to those who I promised cards, I've sent them out, so expect them to arrive before Christmas (maybe) XD. [livejournal.com profile] tacuma811 said her card had arrived on...Monday was it? Damn, that was fast, lol.

Aaaanyway. I can now walk around without my nail-less toes all abndaged up, so yeah, they don't really hurt anymore. It just that--they looked weird. The surface isn't...smooth, I must say. I dunno if it has anything to do with the medicinal cream.

The last time I went to the doctor about two weeks ago, he said the fungus might be growing again, so I'll have to have them checked again next week or so >.>;;

Last Monday, as some of you might already knew via FB or messengers, I fell on the sidewalk and injured my knee. My right knee, the same leg where the nail-less toes are. You know what my mom said about that? "That leg of yours must be so full of sin *snickers*"

Why? Because that ;eh had been injured a lot ever since I was young. A loooong time ago, an iron (the iron you use to iron your clothes) fell on my toes while it was still hot. And it was an old type of iron, big and heavy and all. Then maybe 2-3 years later, I stepped on a glass of water which was put on the floor (for whatever reason). Got 4 stitches on my foot then.

Not long after (maybe less than a year) I was in a minor motorbike accident. The uhh.. motorbike's exhaust, still hot and all, was pressed onto the underside of my knee for some few seconds and--well you know what happened next. XD;

And now this... lol. So yeah, my right leg had been through a lot, lol.

Aaaanyway. Dammit Yullen Week is near but I've only finished the fic for Day 1. May Day 2 fic is barely on 1500 words now and I would still have to write 5 more. GAH! WHERE IS MY MUUUSEEEE?? DDD:

Aaaanyway. Just wanna let you guys now I'm still alive. Barely. Hawhaw. I want a long vacation >.<;;;

PS! I changed my moodtheme. Goddammit it took a lot of time! What a waste of time when I could've written some hundreds of words >.>;;
But hey, I love my NEW MOODTHEME, so 8D
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They had to remove TWO of my toenails. Including the big toe.

So when I was already on the operating table, the doctor was all, "So~ do you want to have one removed first or the both of them~?" andI was like "Wait, what, BOTH O_O"

And yeah. I freaked out a little there, and my mom had to shush me a bit XD;;;

The nurse said take both off so I wil lonly suffer this once, but I was scared because--duh, it's the big toe! the other toenails are small, but that one is big and I couldn't imagine having it--bare without a nail.

But then we tried one toe--the one nnext to the big toe, what do you call it?--and well. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. So I decided to have the big toenail removed to and just get it over with.

So yeah, now I have two toes without nails. Fun? XD;;; I;m wearing sandals to work, lol. The doctor said they'll grow back in--six months, maybe. Such a long time :/

Anyway, thank you so much for your supports in my last entry! Sorry I didn't reply earlier. Yahoo put all LJ notif to spam so I didn't see any xp

But yeah, thank youuuu~ <3 *huuuugs*

P.S. You may skip this, but [livejournal.com profile] demonessryu asked for a pic or my nail-less toes, so... here we go XD;; Don't click on it if you don't want to see though!
ugly pic here )
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I'm sorry I haven't been around! I'm still alive, but...

I'm gonna have my toenail removed in about 90 minutes xp

I hope it wouldn't hurt much. Wish me luck? Xp
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Why the title is like that? Well.

So today I had a "date" with my girl!BFF. We were going to watch The Social network (and it's pretty interesting btw, just I think the ending's kinda too abrupt, but oh well. :/).

The movie was at 15.15 and I reached the mall at around 14.40. My bff was already there and had bought the tickets, but she was hungry so we went to get lunch first. Were about to go to KFC but then we passed an interesting looking seafood resto so we went in there instead. It turned out it took a while to get our food ready and by the time we were done, it was already 15.15. The resto was like in the UG level and the theater is at the 6th floor, so we rode an elevator and once we were out, we were kinda running from the elevator to the theater, passing the theater's security guard and then my BFF went "Where is Theater 4?" and I was like "I don't know, to the left?" but then the security shouted at us from behind, saying "It's to the right!" so we ran again to the right and I was all "Whoa, this is kind of embarrassing, thank God I don't come here often," which she replied with "Me neither~"

So anyway. We watched the movie and then after that I told her I wanted to go have a haircut so she accompanied me there. Then we went to a karaoke box, we sang four songs there, then we ate dinner and went back.

The second session of running away started here.

So, my bff was bringing her motorbike and she was supposed to give me a ride, but she forgot to bring an extra helmet. And I was all "What now?" but she only grinned and said "Let's pray there won't be cops."

Well. There were cops. So we were passing a park and there I saw maybe 4-5 cops and thery had motorbikes and I was all "HO-SHIT cops!" and my bff went, "Duck, Honey, duck!" so I did, trying to make my head invisible while she sped through the traffic; And then when we thought we were safe, there was a patrolling cop on a motorbike and I was all "Hon! Another cop!" and she was like "Just duck!" and sped even further.

We didn't dare to look back but once we were far enough my bff look through the rear-view mirror and--hey, at least we weren't being chased. By that time we were already in an area that supposedly free from cops but then just when we thought we could relax, my bff suddenly was like, "Hon, Hon, Hon cooops~" so I had to duck again~

Well. So yeah, today was pretty...fun? XDDD

Oh. We took some pics today. In an instant photo box. Yeah XD; the last time we did that was probably 5 years ago XDD
and we posed like... like "ababil" a.k.a very pre-teeni-ish xDD;

Would have posted the pics but since I haz no scanner at home...

Anyway Imm ameet up with [livejournal.com profile] rizuka  and [livejournal.com profile] alarice_pi  tomorrow and I hope by then [livejournal.com profile] isumi_ilde  would be better so she can join us too. :(
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And I blame Hoshino. Like, really? REALLY? When Mandy ([livejournal.com profile] harmony283) told me the spoilers yesterday...well. Yesterday was kind of hectic. I had tons of workload it's not even funny. And then I heard about the spoilers that--that...well. Needless to say, I felt like crying and basically, I went all "I NEED TO REMEDY THIS NAO" at Mandy, and then she wrote THIS ALLEN/KANDA FIC for me over skype. Go check it out, it's reeeaaaally cute and amusing AND lavi's POV is just <3

so yeah. I called Isu ([livejournal.com profile] isumi_ilde and instead of a 'hello', I got a wail of despair. Yeah, she's actually read the spoilers on LJ n was equally heartbroken (if not more) by it. She said she wouldn't read the new chapter until I read it amd deem it safe. Mandy said the actual chapter is SO MUCH BETTER but I still dare not read it. (not that I can, since I will have to wait till Monday to use the office's internet) but yeah. I'll have to repare myself...I think >.>


On a non-fandom note, I just got a new bag for work! Yay? Bought it last night. It's a white, Guess bag. Was on a 50% off discount and Dad still had to pay half of it (damn expensive bag :/) because otherwise I will not even look at that bag. Not with my salary, lol. I just bought three new clothes for work and would've been broke if dad didn't pay half of it for me. I still need to buy other stuff too, so.

Aaaaand I think my PC at the office has virus. It messed up with my phone's MicroSD card and I have to reformat it now. And refill it with songs and vids again. Meh :/

well.. I think that's all for now. This week is rather tiring and I'm going to be a lazy ass today. I actually had wanted to write but--my poor muse is sulking due to the heartbreak >.>;

ETA: so maybe I won't be too heartbroken. cut for spoilers )

Oh, Mandy, you made me feel so much better now XD So yeah. I'll read the actual chapter on Monday at the office and see for myself. *nods.*
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The event was pretty succesful. I was sort of the receptionist girl with the Beauty (because my boss didn't want to pay too much to hire pretty girls to be the usher girls and receptionists, lol) and The Beauty sorta /forced/ me to apply full make up. Including blush on and eyebrow's..pencil? Oh and a red lipstick >__>;; I would post a pic but the ones I have with me is blurry.

So anyway. What I liked the most from the event?

The Fooooooood. )

P.S. I think I'm developing a fetish for a kiss on the nose. And I so totally, totally blame [livejournal.com profile] harmony283 for it. I mean, look at these!!

Scraps from our ongoing Yullen RP-within-RP )
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I'm just being a whiny brat, feel free to ignore me. )

ETA: I just accidentally bumped the side of my head to my table. Dammit that hurt. *rubs her head*
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My boss blocked facebook. Drat.

MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEESSS~!! Oh Soroity Life, Mall World... *sobs in a corner*

Anyway. I NOW HAZ SKYPE!! It's a1y-puffSo if you have one ADD ME UP!! I'm usually online around lunchtime here (My timezone is GMT+7 btw) so you can bug me around that time and later I suppose :D

When my boss isn't being a slavedriver, I should be pretty bug-able XDDD

Oh yeah since the Fasting Month is fast approaching (It's friggin' TOMORROW!!) I would like to say:

I apologize for anything I have done wrong, if I have may or may not intentionally hurt your feelings and just for everything! Please forgive me? :D

Now onto more randomness )
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Let's get to the typo first, because it was just... damn.

Okay, so at the office, I sit beside the Beauty, ne? So I was minding my own business while she was checking emails. And then she was like, "Hey, [Flirty Boy], you mistyped "Public" here!"

I sneaked a peek at her computer screen and saw that what she meant was the "Public" in "Public Relation" in the contact name of our Boss. I took a look, and then had to blink and look again and went all "WTFFFF???" because, well...

This was what written:

[Boss Name] Pubic Relation

I went all "OMG OMG That's sooo... OMG Do you even know what 'pubic' meant?" *was torn between being horrified and laughing her ass off, because.*

And both the beauty and Flirty oy were like, "No, we don't. What's 'pubic'?"

So yeah, I had to explain to them. And after that we ended up laughing because, if our Boss ever see it and understand what Flirty Boy had attached his name with... Well, thihngs could get ugly. Or ridiculously hilarious. XDDD

Anyway, now that I got it out, let's proceed to the ice cream 8D

So last Thursyday, I met up with two of my high school friends I used to hang out with. One of them is my girl BFF and the other is our doggy. We call him that because he was willing to hang out with us and came whenever we asked him to go with us like a good boy XD;

Of course, we never really meant the doggy part. We just thought it was funny, and he didn't mind anyway.

So, Doggy is working in an expnesive ice cream cafe and last Thursday, he promised me and my BFF to free ice creams~

It was fun btw, andthe ice cream was reaaally good XD

That day before going to meet them, when I was chatting with [livejournal.com profile] elysis, I told her about it and she asked me to take the pics of the ice cream, so here we go 8D

Yummy ice cream is yummy. Especially when it's free :p )

Oh right, on Saturday, I bought Jynx a collar! It has bell, so now I'll know whenever he's around 8D

Here's Jynx pics with his new collar )

Well, that's all for now. I'm sleepy as hell now, I wonder if I can leave early from work >___>;; I only slept for two hours last night. Harhar...


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