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You can also check my 50scenes prompt table for my Tezuka/Fuji fics.

The list will be updated every once in a while whenever I remember to.
Oh, and some of you might already know, I am a comment-addict. so if you happen to read any of my fics, please leave your comment, ne?
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I know I promised picspam but I can't do it right now, so instead have these for now.

Since I'm too lazy to separate the posts, here you go, two ficlets for two different fandoms. Harharhar~ I did both of them in one day, forcing my muse to cooperate because my brother was home and it's a rare occurance these days, so while I had the laptop, might as well write, ne?

Anyway, enjoy either or both of them! And tell me what you think? Thank you~~!

Title: Just Like Wasabi
Author: [ profile] a1y_puff
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Fuji/Tezuka-ish, mention of Golden Pair.
Genre: Fluff?
Word Count: 609
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Uncooperative muse, randomness, might make little sense and… Wasabi. Rawr.
Summary: Kikumaru says Tezuka is bland. Fuji thinks Tezuka is like wasabi ice cream. Or wasabi chocolate. Wasabi. Yeah.
Disclaimer: Last time I checked, Konomi-sensei is male, and I have boobs, so I definitely do not own PoT and its characters. Lolz.

A/N: Because I missed Tezuka’s birthday. Kind of inspired by the song “Your Love is Better than Ice Cream” by Sarah McLachlan, which [ profile] demonessryu shoved at me so I could write something, but it turned out different. And this is also for [ profile] isumi_ilde because she was depressed for failing an audition and wanted me to write some TeFu, so here, have some random drabble. Harhar. I’m sorry if it’s lame. Comments would be really, really loved, by the way :D

Or maybe, you’re a wasabi dark chocolate. Sharp and bitter with just the barest hints of sweet, but it melts on your tongue. )


Title: Of Pain and Gain
Author: a1y-puff
Fandom: D. Gray-Man
Pairing: Kanda/Allen
Genre: Umm. Attempted fluff?
Word Count: 861
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Uncooperative muse, Kanda’s mouth, unbetaed.
Summary: Because apparently, being confined with a certain ungrateful samurai in the infirmary has its advantages.
Disclaimer: I’m female, yes, and I’m Asian, but I’m not a certain Japanese woman with brilliant brain and awesome drawings named Hoshino Katsura. So no, not mine.

A/N: I’m feeling so uncreative right now, so the title for this was snagged from another fic of mine for my other OTP, but oh well XD. For [ profile] ryuujidiceboy. She gave me the prompt ‘Confine and profit’ but I’m not sure I conveyed it right. And sorry, Koinu-chan, apparently I failed at crack so you got (attempted) fluff instead. I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway? Comments would be greatly appreciated! :D

You’re not saving anyone’s ass, Moron. Instead, now you’ve injured yours. Stupid. )
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Author: [ profile] a1y_puff
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Tezuka, Fuji
Prompt: #18. Harp
Genre: AU/friendship-leaning-shippy?
Word Count: 572
Rating: PG
Summary: In the mist of having to take care of mankind’s well being, Tezuka found Fuji’s harp’s melody was enough to lessen his headache and ease his tiredness away.
Warnings: AU. Unbetaed, done in one sitting, might be a bit random
Disclaimer: PoT belongs to Konomi-sensei. Tezuka and Fuji own each other. Prompt belongs to [ profile] 50scenes.

A/N: Written for [ profile] white_ashes07. Ash, I remember getting notification for your approaching birthday but then I totally forgot about it, so please accept my apology and this little belated b’day drabble for you. I hope you'd like it ^^

Snagged the title from the song "Melody in the Sky" by Mai Kuraki coz I couldn't come up with any title at all, but this isn't a song fic. and all I can think about when seeing the prompt 'harp' is 'angel', so yeah...

I don’t particularly find humans adorable, you know. I don’t want to grow bald thinking about those selfish creatures’ well-beings. I’m fine with my current job. I enjoy scaring demons away. )
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Title: I’m Yours
Author: [ profile] a1y_puff
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Fuji/Tezuka-ish. Hawhaw…
Genre: Fluff!! And… tiny bits of angst (they always managed to slip in somehow… *is an angst whore*)
Rating: PG-13 for kissing? XD
Summary: Fuji tries to let Tezuka know that, no matter what they are, he belongs to the captain.
Warnings: Just remember that they are only 14 and 15? (Tezuka turned 15 in October after the National, right?)
Disclaimer: Tezuka and Fuji own each other, and this adorable song is definitely not mine or I’d be a rich bastard by now, which I am not. Bleh.

A/N: Based on the song I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. For [ profile] isumi_ilde who requested it. I didn’t put the excerpts of the lyrics like how I usually do songfics, just taking the essences from the lyrics (if anyone wants to know the lyrics of this song, just google it and you’ll find it immediately XD). I hope you’re fine with this, Isu. Sorry for the wait, but now this is your b’day present. I hope you’d get to sneak out of your dorm to read this, dearest sista :P
This is also a Valentine’s Day fic from me, so, Happy Valentines, all~!

P.S. Special thanks to [ profile] lafuego for betaing this. You’re a really amazing and sweet beta, Rei­san! *hugs*

But I won't hesitate no more, no more, it cannot wait, I'm yours~ )
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So, there was a change of plan. I said that I'll meet with [ profile] demonessryu and [ profile] isumi_ilde on Feb 1, yes?
Scratch thet, we've met yesterday XD
Isu will have a mock exam from her cram school on Feb 1 so we can't meet that day, and due to how strict Isu's dorm has become, she had to struggle just to get permission to come hime last Sunday, so that she could meet us yesterday. Fortunately, Isu got the permission and we got to meet yesterday.

Anyway I brought my Tezuka and Fuji figurines with me, and look what we've done with them. In the hands of Ryu, the great PRON-SAMA, these innocent figurines could be pretty naughty XDD
So yeah, it's a picspan entry on my figurines. Check it out XD

Title: In Which Figurines are Awesome
Photo Concepts by: [ profile] a1y_puff, [ profile] demonessryu, and [ profile] isumi_ilde
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji, Fuji/Tezuka, Fuji/Tezuka/Fuji (yeah, no kidding...)
Rating: PG-13... for some reason... XDD
Disclaimer: Original Characters and series owned by Konomi Takeshi. Tezuka and Fuji own each other. The figurines are MINE tho XDD
Summary: A set of photos of Tezuka and Fuji figurines in different situations...?
Warning: Crappy and pervy crack. Nuff said.

We know you want to click!! XDD )

By the way, the full report on our gathering will be posted later by [ profile] demonessryu. She'll also do picspam on our pics. Check it out later nee~

P.S: Belated happy birhtday [ profile] halfmoon_smile!!! Wish you all the best, sis!!
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Title: Experience
Author: [ profile] a1y_puff
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Tezuka K., Fuji S. (it kinda leans towards FuTe… maybe?)
Prompt: 19. Control
Genre: Err… humor? Eh… maybe not really…
Word Count: 1635
Rating: G
Summary: Fuji took Tezuka to an adventure with a few monsters in sight. (Oh LOL)
Warnings: Swords. Magic. Monsters. Possible OOC-ness. Randomness alert: ON.
Disclaimer: Tezuka and Fuji are a property of each other, okay? Prompt by [ profile] 50scenes.

A/N: For [ profile] paranoid_fridge as a belated b’day gift. I am incoherent at the moment. And my writing muse isn’t back yet. Meaning, I’m in a writer’s block, again. So basically, this is just some random idea I came up with. I still hope it'd be at least entertaining, though ^^

He had other things to do as Fuji wouldn’t have labeled him ‘Mr. Busy’ for nothing. Despite having given him such title, though, the lithe boy had dragged him to hunt for some stupid monsters. )
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Title: A Little More Time
Pairing: Fuji/Tezuka (YES, in that order)
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Genre: Fluffy Angst (said my beta XD)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1450
Summary: Fuji felt like Tezuka was distant by each day, and he decided to close the distance.
Warnings: First attempt at FujiTezu. But I’m basically a fan of co-dominance, so... XD
Disclaimer: Fuji has claimed Tezuka as his. Don’t bother to separate them or you know what kind of hell awaits you XD

A/N: For [ profile] elysis coz she made me this pretty layout for my LJ. Thanks sooo much dear, ILU!
Special thanks to [ profile] thallein for beta-ing and made this fic better :D
Title given by [ profile] vierblith_tefu coz I absolutely FAIL at titling. Thanks wife, and sorry you had to bear with my lame title ideas XD
Finally, I hope this is enjoyable :D

Fuji never knew he could be so possessive over something that was not even in his possession )


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