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Updated June 1, 2010

D.Gray-Man )

Prince of Tennis )

TeniMyu )

Other Fandoms )

You can also check my 50scenes prompt table for my Tezuka/Fuji fics.

The list will be updated every once in a while whenever I remember to.
Oh, and some of you might already know, I am a comment-addict. so if you happen to read any of my fics, please leave your comment, ne?
that will make me happy ^_________^
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Hi everyone, sorry for spamming your F-list.
Remember that I say I have a family-project in writing a comedy book?
Well it's published!! We just received the free sample copies yesterday.
It should be in store soon :D

Buy the book and make us rich laugh with us? XDD *smacked*

Anyway just this is the cover of the book:

And nooo, it's not my brother's face over there. hahah... I have no comment on the cover. just that maybe... it's kinda.. eye-catching? LOL.

It's actually my Mom's project. I only got dragged to join, hahah. I only have four stories in there, the others are my mom's and my bro's, but they are pretty stupid funny. ^_________^

Well then I' just wanna say that. Later guys!

PS: Belaaaated Happy birthday to [ profile] ravient!! MAAP telat ngucapin!!

PPS: I finally FINISHED my [ profile] christmas_cacti assignment! w00000t~!!! *happy dances*
I will destress after this... whew. I missed so many things working on that fic ~_~
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So. Due to LJ's latest policy to "crack down" on anyone who posts slash fic on this site, I am moving all my journal content from there to here, on Dreamwidth, before they restrict my access to my account and make me lose all of those fics I've worked so hard on and those lovely, encouraging comments I got from my readers.

Anyways, I'm like, a total n00b in here. Not to mention I haven't been in the fandom world for a long time. Anyone who knows me are welcomed to friend me here and let me know so I can friend you back. Thank you!!

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Happy Eid Ul-Fitr for those who celebrate! May we have a blessed Eid filled with joy and forgiveness from God and from each other. :)
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Title: The Walk (part II)
Author: [ profile] a1y_puff
Beta-reader: [ profile] finite_farfalla
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Characters: Allen Walker & Kanda Yuu
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Rating: PG
Setting: AU, in which Kanda and Allen are childhood friends and neighbors
Summary: Allen is a simple person whose wish is to live another day like this. To be allowed to keep what he has now: his little group of friends at school, an irresponsible guardian, but his guardian nonetheless, the nice—if a bit eccentric—family next door and his grouchy childhood friend…
Disclaimer: Hoshino owns them all.
A/N: I especially fail at updating stuff. Look how long it’s been, more than a year already xD; Super belated birthday giftie for my beloved [ profile] nherizu. And when I said super belated, I mean super belated, XD

[Part I here]

And here I thought Froi was insane when he talked about matchmaking our brats all those years ago. )
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Originally posted by [ profile] nherizu at [Yullen Week 2012] Basic and Optional Themes
Hello, everyone! Today's August 1st, so it's time for us to announce YULLEN WEEK 2012 THEMES! Yes, you can start working on your submissions from now on~! :D

Main Themes )

Optional Themes )

Yullen Week 2012 will be held on December 18th-31st, meaning you still have a very long time to prepare your submissions! And like we have said before, we encourage every Yullen/Arekan fan to join us (authors, artists, cosplayers, graphic designers, or whatever your field is)!

Also, if you are willing to be a beta reader, or if you're searching for a beta reader, you can go to THIS POST to offer your service and/or asking for help. ;)

Please enjoy this event, spread the love, and don’t forget to pimp it anywhere you can! Copy paste these codes and post them to your blogs/tumblrs/forums/anything!


Find more banners here.

Thank you! :D
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It's here, by the way:

The translation is a bit weird here and there but eh... anyway.


Okay, enough caps abuse. But seriously, Hoshino. =________=;;;

Btw guys, don't forget the poll for this year's Yullen Week themes is open! Please vote! See my previous entry for more info :D
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banner 2

Hello, thank you so much for your suggestions! This year the number of suggestions has increased, so while last year we only had 50 best themes, now we have chosen 60 best themes out of 152 theme-suggestions! :D

The 60 themes are divided into 2 categories: main and optional themes. Now it’s time for you to decide which of them are going to be our final themes!

The things you need to know:

- You do NOT need to create a Livejournal Account to vote. We use a third party’s poll service so that everyone can participate in this poll. =)

- This is a secured poll, so each person can only vote once. You cannot undo or resubmit your vote, so please think carefully before submitting your vote!

- You can only vote up to 7 (SEVEN) themes for each of Main and Optional Themes polls. You can vote less than 7, but certainly can NOT vote more than 7. =)

- Voting round opens from July 17th to July 24th. =)

- Go here to vote:

Please help spread the news, thanks! :)

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Hey F-list! I'm just here to ask you help reporting plagiarism of certain fics.

So here's the thing. Yesterday [ profile] nherizu told me that she got PMs saying her fics were plagiarized. She was out of the house and couldn't check so I did the checking for her. Guess what we found?

Not one, not two, but FOUR of her fics have been reposted under different titles by Le Dark Queen over on FFnet.

All fanfics are in the D.Gray-Man fandoms. Even if you are not familiar with the fandom, we hope you'd be willing to report the following fics:

Flimsy Threads
At the Bay
Shattered Glasses
(they're originally yullen, but Le Dark Queen turned them into Laviyu fics-- Allen was replaced with Lavi)
Red Carnival

For comparisons, here are the original fics:
A Tale of Flimsy Threads
Shattered Fractions
Vermilion Kaleidoscope

Did you bnotice the original titles are better? >.> haha anyway yeah, please help spreading the words and reporting the fics. Thank you :)
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[ profile] isumi_ilde is trying her luck in the Indonesian Idol 2012 audition!!


Here's the link:

Pretty, pretty please with cherry on top, click like, okay? Thaaaaaaaaaaanks ♥
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Title: The Walk (part I)
Author: [ profile] a1y_puff
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Characters: Allen Walker & Kanda Yuu
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Summary: "Aren't you tired of doing that all the damn time?" Allen's so-called childhood friend asks for the nth time within the last two years, and Allen frowns at the mirror.Rating: PG
Warning: AU
Disclaimer: Hoshino owns them all.

Written for 50 Sentences Challenge in Infantrum (the Indonesian Fanfiction Author Forum), Set 4. I actually want to post this after I have at least 10 themes written but then for the past month work's been hectic and then my cat Jynx fell ill two weeks ago. And then yesterday he died ;_;

Anyway for those who are waiting for Days Passing By (My fics for Yullen Week last year) I kinda lost my file so I have to rewrite it sorryyyy. I'll finish it, really but yeah, it might take a while, I'm so soooorryyyy I feel so bad I made you guys wait for so long. But the numbers of reviews really do motivate me so thank you for that :D

There will be more, obviously since this is only 5 themes out of 50. Thanks to [ profile] demonessryu for the quickie beta even if she doesn't know who the hell they are XD


Will you stop that already? )
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My brother made it :')

"Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but with joy and laughter,
as if I were beside you.

It was heaven while I'm with you,
and now I have risen, and join the others in heavens.

Jinx, son of Jacko"

Thank you for having been with us, for giving us joy and laughter, for each sweet memory we've created. We'll always love you. Sorry for everything, and thank you. Now RIP, our beloved Kitty.

RIP Jynx

Sep. 20th, 2011 07:49 pm
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Thanks all for the prayers and support. Jynx has gone now, we' re going to retrieve his body tonight. RIP Jynx.
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Tomorrow is the briefing for the new students at the Uni I'll be going to starting October. Wish me luck.

I should have paid the first installment for the tuition fee back on Sept.10 but I kinda forgot XD;;; hope it's not too late tomorrow, lol.

Also, Jynx has a urinary infection ;A; I hope it'll get better soon because otherwise his kidney would fail eventually >.<;;

Aywaaaaaay. Snagged this from [ profile] finite_farfalla because I am a procrastinator like that.

Comment with whatever you want here.
Even just to say hi. You can also drop me prompts, although no promises that I'll write them all are made, considering the many things I have to do, but if it's only drabbles, I think I'll manage. Feel free to ask about anything too: personal or not, or whatever you want me to write and I'll try to fill them XD Anon is enabled, if you want to anon. :)
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Hello f-list. I'm still alive. XD;

Anyway, I saw this on [ profile] sheilaluv's LJ and found out that [ profile] nherizu and [ profile] finite_farfalla have also taken it. And that they get creeped oout by the accurate result.

So i tried and this is my result:

This is about 90% accurate, I think. )

By the way Jynx is sick. Somehow he can't stand so h can't walk. His legs are fine though, I've taken him to the vet. he was dehydrated and contracted chlamydia, so he was really weak. But now he's healthier, just that he still couldn't stand. I wonder why :< He's moving around by draggng his lower body now, but he can move pretty fast that way...

Anyway pray for Jynx? :')

P.S: I know I'm kind of late in this but NO.6 HOLY SHIIIIIT *flails flails*
YOU GUYS SHOULD WATCH IT!! It really is an interesting anime with interesting concept. It's a mix of mystery and adventure (with lots of BL hints--not too blatant as making the series labeled shonen-ai, but enogh to make you flail and believe they're TOTALLY canon because if THAT isn't canon then i don't know what IS!). The city where they live has a rather messed-up system and complicated society too, and it's one of the charms of this series. A lot of things to explore *nodnod*

I have to admit I was at first interested in it because Shion and Nezumi look a lot like Alen and Kanda but after watching 10 episodes of it, their characters are different (especially Nezumi) you can't really see them as Allen and Kanda. They are a unique characters by themselves and definitely interesting to explore.

Anyway the last episode will be coming out next Thursday. I really can't wait for it. It's been a while since I read/watch something that made me all flail-y. Although because it's from a 9-volume novel pressed to only 11 episodes, there are probably a lot of things missing from the original novel, so I'm going to hunt down the translation too. I have up to volume 2 chap 4 so far, if anyone knows where I can find further translations (not just the summary) please let me know :D

And I'll close this post with an official art from No.6:

And the trailer for the anime:

There's a good fanmade trailer but it can't be embed so click HERE to watch it :D
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I saw this on tumblr yesterday:

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ hoping that Kanda will tell Allen ”I love you” someday

So I made this:

Damn I love my OTP ♥

P.S: I haz tumblr nao. Anyone I know on tumblr too? :'D
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Title: What Goes Unsaid (Doesn't Always Go Unnoticed)
Author: [ profile] a1y_puff
Fandom: D. Gray-Man
Characters: Kanda/Allen, side Lavi/Lenalee
Summary: When Allen agreed to a short trip to the mountains for their summer vacation, he absolutely didn’t expect to have this not-so-little problem. Or solving said problem with Kanda, for that matter. Curse the thin walls.
Genre: Romance/humor. A bit of angst but not really >.>
Rating: M
Word Count: 4818
Warning: AU, lime.
Disclaimer: Hoshino owns them all. Rawr.

This is a super-belated b’day fic for Kanda! As well as an apology fic for you readers of Days Passing By (my Yullen Week fics which only have ONE chapter left >w>;;) for the lateness of the last chapter. I’m so sorry! I’ll try to get around to write it soon :(. This also serves as an early kind-of-bday-giftie for [ profile] nherizu, whose birthday will be on Sunday, June 26. :D

The idea hit me as somewhat a PWP but apparently my muse refused to write something without plot at all XD; and well, it’s my first time writing something kinda graphic (outside of RPs, but I always have a partner in RPs XD) so comment will be loved!

Special thanks to [ profile] finite_farfalla and [ profile] harmony283

Then what do you propose us to do? Sit here and wait for us to go limp? )
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My brother picked up a kitten. It's white with a black dot--somewhere. (I didn't get a good look yet) but yeah, it looked like it got left behind by its mother or something.

The first who found it was a neighbour's kid a few days ago. The kitten was meowing pitifully from inside a gutter, and that kid picked it up (good boy). But maybe since he didn't know what to do with it, he just cleaned it up and left it in an empty house next door to mine.

Last night when my brother just got home form work, he heard it meowing like it was hungry and--yeah. He picked it up.

What's interesting is this.:

It's the empty house next door, abandoned and all yeah. You see that small gap made by one missing bar? My brother slipped into the yard through that gap. YES HE DID, and I was like "OMFG you CAN slip through THAT?"

Now, my brother eats a lot. Three times (or more) my normal portion a meal, but he kinda has a super-fast metabolism or something that he stays very skinny. But seriously, to be able to go through that small gap? >.>;;;;

When I told my mother, she was surprised too xD;;

Anyway this is the kitten. It was sleeping when I took a pic before leaving for work this morning:

It's still so small and skinny :<

Other than that, work is still--well. Busy. But the vacation is nearing. I so can't wait for it ♥
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First of all, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANDA YUU ♥

In the event of Kanda's birthday, I would like to present:



For Whom?
All Yullen and Arekan fans

To celebrate the relationship of Allen Walker and Kanda Yuu ♥

By dedicating fanart, fanfiction, icon, wallpaper, cosplay photo, and any other Yullen/Arekan stuff you can think of and create! :D

June 6th - July 10th: open discussion
July 17th - 24th: themes poll
August 1st - December 17th: begin working on the submissions
December 18th: event starts
December 31st: event ends

We would like to invite you to join the YULLEN WEEK community!


The open discussion for YW 2011 starts NOW on Kanda's birthday! Click HERE to participate, and let us together celebrate the love between Kanda and Allen ♥
Please help us pimp this event by posting these codes to your journal/community/website:
Please join us and have fun~♥♥♥


Now that it's done, [ profile] nherizu and I can finally start getting some decent sleep starting tomorrow orz;;; Been staying up late and all preparing that comm so PLEASE CONSIDER IT? :'D

But yeah, I told myself I wasn't gonna stay up late AGAIN tonight but hey look, it's almost 11 pm :/

...and there are still some unfinished business to take care of orz;

P.S.: now that YW2011 is starting, I PROMISE I will FINISH my YW2010 fic! I have it half-written! XD;;;
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I just got stalked. IRL.

Creepy stalker is creepy )


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