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Title: The Walk (part II)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] a1y_puff
Beta-reader: [livejournal.com profile] finite_farfalla
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Characters: Allen Walker & Kanda Yuu
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Rating: PG
Setting: AU, in which Kanda and Allen are childhood friends and neighbors
Summary: Allen is a simple person whose wish is to live another day like this. To be allowed to keep what he has now: his little group of friends at school, an irresponsible guardian, but his guardian nonetheless, the nice—if a bit eccentric—family next door and his grouchy childhood friend…
Disclaimer: Hoshino owns them all.
A/N: I especially fail at updating stuff. Look how long it’s been, more than a year already xD; Super belated birthday giftie for my beloved [livejournal.com profile] nherizu. And when I said super belated, I mean super belated, XD

[Part I here]

.part 2.


There is just something in the way Cross’ lips lift up to one side, and in that particular tilt of head that Allen finds rather unsettling.

“What?” Allen asks warily, frowning up at his so-called guardian and cannot help to be annoyed that even at sixteen, he still barely reaches the man’s shoulder. Damn Cross for being so tall.

Cross simply hums and shifts his gaze back to Kanda who is making himself comfortable in Allen’s bed with all his I-am-ignoring-you glory. “Don’t tell me he moved in here while I was away?” he smirks.

Oh god, Allen groans. Someone who just came home unannounced after disappearing to god knows where has no right to be looking like—like he knows something Allen doesn’t. It’s bloody annoying. “Of course not, he lives next door.”

Cross sneers. “And here I thought Froi was insane when he talked about matchmaking our brats all those years ago,” he mumbles to himself, but doesn’t bother to lower his voice.


Kanda snorts from the bed, and Cross’ left eyebrow rises higher.

“What in the world are you talking about anyway?” Allen pouts at Cross, which only earns him a rough pat on the head.

“Whatever, for now you’re just brats anyway,” Cross concludes, and adds, “Prepare me dinner in an hour. Tiedoll’s brat better be gone by then.”

“But—“ but Cross already leaves before either boys can say anything, muttering something about ‘brats’ and ‘too young’ and—was that ‘gay’ he just heard?



Kanda is not the friendliest person in existence, despite his good looks. Sure, he has fangirls. But these girls, aside from annoying the life out of him, are also the source of his haters. Being popular means some people are bound to be jealous of him.

Kanda just doesn’t want to admit he’d been stupid that somehow, those bastards from his P.E. class managed to lock him up in the bloody storage room.

What the heck, he must have been so out of it. He got almost no sleep the night before. It didn’t help that when he texted Allen to—god forbid—get help, the kid just laughed in his face.

Allen did come though, with that lock-picking skill Kanda doesn’t even want to know where he’d learned, and came to his rescue, as the brat had put it.

“Stop. Fucking. Laughing,” Kanda bites out through gritted teeth.

Allen does try to stop, but it’s really kind of hard. It’s not really the notion of some punks managing to kick Kanda in a room and lock him up—well, admittedly, it’s kind of hilarious too. But it’s Kanda’s annoyed, ‘I can’t believe I fell into it’ face that makes the whole thing that much more funny.

“I’m sorry,” Allen chokes out through a fit of giggles. “Or actually, no, I’m not sorry—” he barely dodges that fist before it hits his arm, “Hey, now, you better aim that fist over there,” he tilts his head to the side.

Kanda looks behind Allen and sees the group of fucktards who had locked him up earlier just walking up obliviously to their direction. The group stiffens as their blood chill, because Yuu Kanda is staring at them with murder in his eyes.

They don’t have time to run before Kanda is grinning menacingly, blocking their escape.

Needless to say, Allen just watches from the sidelines as Kanda beats them up, because, really. Which idiot dares to mess with his Kanda—

Wait. Where did that come from?



“Hmmm… you see the line over here?” Daisya asks as he lightly traces a line from the area just under Kanda’s index finger stretching all the way to below his pinky.

Allen stares at Kanda’s palm currently in Daisya’s hand, trying—and failing—to see what Daisya is seeing from the so-called heart line. He peers closer, until his breath practically caresses the skin of Kanda’s palm, and all Allen can see is some small, fine lines forming a long line across his palm.

“This is the heart line, and yours says that—you have an emotional trauma…”

Allen’s eyes move up to Kanda’s frowning face. He looks almost, almost serious when he finally notices Allen’s stare and immediately pulls his hand away from Daisya’s grip. “Tch, this is a load of bull.”

“Hey, it’s called palmistry,” Daisya tells his brother with some kind of a haughty look. “Have you never heard of it?”

“Why are you even interested in this shit? This is so gay.”

“Says the one with the long, silky hair.”

“You bastard—“

“Now, now, before you two start destroying Mr. Tiedoll’s living room, can we get some snack instead?” Allen cuts in when the two not-blood-related brothers look ready To switch from throwing insults at each other into something more physical.

Kanda spares Allen a glance and snorts. “Glutton.”


“Say Allen, do you want me to read your palm too?” Daisya offers with an enthusiastic smile, and Allen is ready to give in to his curiosity and agrees, but, “I’m still learning though, and I can only read left hand for now—“

Oh. Well.

Allen puts on a disarming smile on his face. “Well then I suppose I should wait until you learn to read right palms,” he laughs a little, rising his gloved left hand and waving it dismissively. “I doubt even experts can read this.”

Right. Allen had shown his hand at some point of their acquaintance, hadn’t he? Allen had been certain it was not quite a pleasant sight. But, boys? They have morbid curiosity.

Realization dawns on Daisya then. “Ah…right. Uhh, Sorry, Al,” he says, scratching the back of his head and laughing nervously.

Allen simply smiles. “It’s okay,” because while he is not offended, he’d rather the subject of his left hand isn’t brought up too often. So Allen lowers his hand, but then Kanda catches it mid-air.

Allen blinks.

“We have homework,” is Kanda’s lame excuse before dragging Allen away and up the stairs. It is when they’re halfway to Kanda’s room that Allen realizes where Kanda is dragging him, and he breaks into a small chuckle. Kanda turns to face him and frowns. “What?”

Allen shakes his head. “Nothing. Homework it is,” he says in a light tone, ignoring the way Kanda is looking at him as if he were stupid.

He doesn’t mind when Kanda keeps dragging him to his room, because Kanda’s bedroom is one of the few places, aside of his own house, inside which Allen feels safe enough to take off the darned glove.



It is customary for Allen to give that smile first thing in the morning on this particular day. Kanda doesn’t quite remember when exactly this started, probably two or three years ago, but after last year, Kanda kind of gets it.

“Palms up,” he commands, and when the brat obeys, Kanda drops a bag of chocolate in his hands, before walking ahead, past a blinking Allen.

Kanda can hear the rustling sounds as Allen catches up with him, eyes and hand searching the bag of chocolate. He hears a faint chuckle, before Allen finally opens his mouth and says in good humor, “These are the cheap kind for kids.”

“One,” Kanda starts, left eyebrow ticking with annoyance, “They’re goddamn chocolates. Doesn’t matter if they’re expensive or not, they’ll give you cavities eventually—“

“I won’t get cavities—“

“And two,” Kanda cuts in, turning to face Allen and pointing an accusing finger under the brat’s nose, before continuing, “You’re a kid.”

“Hey! I’m not” Allen says indignantly.

“Are too. Who the hell uses this Valentine bullshit as a reason to get free candies?”

“Chocolates. And isn’t it a tradition in Japan?”

“How the fuck should I know. I wasn’t raised there.”

“You’re Japanese,” Allen retorts easily, “or would you rather I ask for flowers instead?” he teases.

Kanda snorts and gives Allen a yeah, right and snorts. “You wouldn’t. Flowers aren’t edible.”

“Good point,” Allen nods to himself, hiding a smile. “Anyway, I was kidding. Thanks for this.” And with that, he fishes a piece of chocolate from the bag and plops it into his mouth. “Mmhh, yummy~”

“Good for you,” Kanda comments airily, sparing Allen a side glance and seeing the brat’s happy face as he wolfs down on the poor chocolates.

Tch, he thinks, brat is so easy to please.

He wonders if next year he should he buy Allen a really expensive chocolate and see what kind of face Allen would make.



“Come on, Lenalee, make a wish!”

The small group of people cheers as Lenalee smiles widely, cheeks pinking a little with happiness. Allen cannot help but smile, and thinks it’s funny how every time he attends a birthday party, when someone says ‘make a wish’, the whole room seems to be thinking about their own wishes. He can see it in the way they stare expectantly at the candles as if they were the ones who would low the candles and (hopefully) get their wishes granted.

Allen has his own wish, of course. It’s nothing grand, really. Allen is a simple person whose wish is to live another day like this. To be allowed to keep what he has now: his little group of friends at school, an irresponsible guardian, but his guardian nonetheless, the nice—if a bit eccentric—family next door and his grouchy childhood friend…

Looking up, Allen peers at Kanda and wonders if he’s wishing for something too. Kanda’s face betrays nothing—as impassive as always—so he glances around and finds Lavi’s single eye glinting with—something. He follows Lavi’s gaze and sees Lenalee, and something clicks in his brain.

Oh, he thinks, of course.

Allen eyes Lenalee and smiles to himself, wondering if the girl wishes the same. It is then that he sees her eyes sparkle with hopes, and notices it is directed to the person standing next to him.

His eyes widens then, but before he can wonder if what he saw was true, the girl blows the candles and a round of applauds resound in the room.

Glancing tentatively aside, Allen is met with Kanda’s gruffly curious, “What?”

Allen shakes his head and smiles.

“It’s nothing.”

He wonders if it's really nothing

* * *

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