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I just got stalked. IRL.

Creepy stalker is creepy )
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So I've been sick for more than a week (though I only took one day off last week, because now's a busy time at the office). Maybe it's the lack of proper rest because I've been staying up late working on a comm with [livejournal.com profile] nherizu (since we have a deadline) that I recover slow, but today I kept on coughing till my head hurt, being a little oversensitive due to having my period and crying over a little something, couldn't finish half of my lunch and then--

To put the icing on top of the cake, when I was about to go home from the office, I fell on the sidewalk for no reason.

Scrapped the very same knee I had scrapped when I had fallen on the sidewalk sometime around the end of last year when I just got my toenails removed. Oh, the uhh... Second toe whose nail is still growing, is scrapped too.

Damn it hurts :<

but anyhoo. Hello friend-list, I'm alive. I'll post something happier next time after I get my much needed rest XD;
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So. Earlier, my dearest [livejournal.com profile] pinkxpiano (Nel) linked me to a Kanda/Allen fic. When I read it, I thought it was well written but somehow I just could NOT see either Allen and Kanda acted like how they were written in that fic.

Then Nel told me she knew why that fic was OOC and linked me to another fic to compare. This time, the fic was from the fandom La Corda d’Oro written by Nel herself, and guess what?

Every sentence, every word used in both fics are. Exactly. The same.

The only difference is that the Kanda/Allen fic has Kanda, Allen and Lenalee in it, and Nel’s Corda fic has Ryoutaro, Len Tsukimori, and—some girl. LOL I’m not even in that fandom so I dunno. Prolly Kahoko? XD;

But anyway, here is the Kanda/Allen fic in question: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6885318/1/Delusion

And here is Nel’s Corda fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5800705/1/The_Green_Azure

Same title. Same summary. Compare them and tell me if it’s NOT plagiarism D<

I’m sorry, but I am so not pleased with this. Moreover that Kanda/Allen fic was posted on my birthday and it was a plagiarism from a fic by one of my good friends. I’ve left a review asking the author to take it down. I HOPE they would listen :(

Butbut *huuuuuuuuuuugs Nel*

ETA: It looks like someone had already taken the fic down. Good then. :/
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Dear Tooth/gums/inner cheek/the general insides of my nouth.

Please stop hurting me! The aching even reach my neck and the back of my head, dammit. What the hell. I couldn't even eat all that much.

With(out) love,

P.S. Regarding the zodiac change due to the emergence of the 13th zodiac: I refuse to change from Aries, thank you.

P.P.S. Home internet should stop bitching.
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Hello dearies, how have you been?

By the way to those who I promised cards, I've sent them out, so expect them to arrive before Christmas (maybe) XD. [livejournal.com profile] tacuma811 said her card had arrived on...Monday was it? Damn, that was fast, lol.

Aaaanyway. I can now walk around without my nail-less toes all abndaged up, so yeah, they don't really hurt anymore. It just that--they looked weird. The surface isn't...smooth, I must say. I dunno if it has anything to do with the medicinal cream.

The last time I went to the doctor about two weeks ago, he said the fungus might be growing again, so I'll have to have them checked again next week or so >.>;;

Last Monday, as some of you might already knew via FB or messengers, I fell on the sidewalk and injured my knee. My right knee, the same leg where the nail-less toes are. You know what my mom said about that? "That leg of yours must be so full of sin *snickers*"

Why? Because that ;eh had been injured a lot ever since I was young. A loooong time ago, an iron (the iron you use to iron your clothes) fell on my toes while it was still hot. And it was an old type of iron, big and heavy and all. Then maybe 2-3 years later, I stepped on a glass of water which was put on the floor (for whatever reason). Got 4 stitches on my foot then.

Not long after (maybe less than a year) I was in a minor motorbike accident. The uhh.. motorbike's exhaust, still hot and all, was pressed onto the underside of my knee for some few seconds and--well you know what happened next. XD;

And now this... lol. So yeah, my right leg had been through a lot, lol.

Aaaanyway. Dammit Yullen Week is near but I've only finished the fic for Day 1. May Day 2 fic is barely on 1500 words now and I would still have to write 5 more. GAH! WHERE IS MY MUUUSEEEE?? DDD:

Aaaanyway. Just wanna let you guys now I'm still alive. Barely. Hawhaw. I want a long vacation >.<;;;

PS! I changed my moodtheme. Goddammit it took a lot of time! What a waste of time when I could've written some hundreds of words >.>;;
But hey, I love my NEW MOODTHEME, so 8D
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I'm just being a whiny brat, feel free to ignore me. )

ETA: I just accidentally bumped the side of my head to my table. Dammit that hurt. *rubs her head*
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My boss blocked facebook. Drat.

MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEESSS~!! Oh Soroity Life, Mall World... *sobs in a corner*

Anyway. I NOW HAZ SKYPE!! It's a1y-puffSo if you have one ADD ME UP!! I'm usually online around lunchtime here (My timezone is GMT+7 btw) so you can bug me around that time and later I suppose :D

When my boss isn't being a slavedriver, I should be pretty bug-able XDDD

Oh yeah since the Fasting Month is fast approaching (It's friggin' TOMORROW!!) I would like to say:

I apologize for anything I have done wrong, if I have may or may not intentionally hurt your feelings and just for everything! Please forgive me? :D

Now onto more randomness )
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As I said before, I just HAVE to ramble about this chapter because of its brain-killing moment of the year:

Can anyone explain to me what is going on here? D: D: D:

My reactions, random running commentaries on the chapter and useless craziness ahead because my brain is broken by Hoshino XD )
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"IF fanfic authors were real authors they'd write their own books. But writing your own stuff is pretty difficult and incredibly daunting. So, I understand the attraction of wanting to borrow someone else's characters - the hard work is already done."

I found this insulting. What about you? )

That aside! Today’s works were a bit hectic. We just got a big client who will work with us for the next six month, and it’s an international company too! So I’ve been translating documents after documents and damn my lack of vocabs for official/formal stuff.

Thus, I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] metacifer and [livejournal.com profile] vierblith_tefu who are such lifesavers for helping me. I’m sorry I’ve been bugging you guys, but thanks sooo much! <333

ETA: Just when I thought I was finally free, my boss gave me another batch of articles to translate. Holy shit I haven’t even eaten lunch! *wails*

ETA 2: My flirty co-worker bought me a chocolate bread and a box of tea because I wouldn't be able to get my lunch anytime soon. Hmm... flirting has its benefits? XD;; *shot*
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I just got a call saying that I will be having my VERY FIRST job interview TOMORROW.

My initial reaction was:

On one hand, I'm glad that I got called so soon. On the other hand, I'm nervous as HELL!

I hope it'll go well and I won't mess up. Please wish me luck?

*goes back to being a nervous mess*
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Yes, sorry, I'm so spamming your F-List today... but the other two are fics, so... this is my RANT OF THE WEEK! LOLz.

So... I know my fellow Indonesians might have bored with this topic, but really.. I didn't get the chance to rant, before, so please let me rant about NABURO? *puppy eyes*

For those who still don't know--though this has already become the topic in International forum as well--NABURO is a plagiarism of Naruto... or something. I'm not a Naruto fan, but this thing is... a total disgrace...

So anyway, this entry is basically me making fun of the EPIC FAIL-ness of whoever the author who thinks of themselves as a professional comic artist but could only came up with something like this. [livejournal.com profile] demonessryu said she also wanted to rant and so I'm posting this for her, also for [livejournal.com profile] bakafia_kawaii who wanted to know the LoLz but didn't want to touch this... thing...

By the way, there's someone kind enough to scanlate this thing so that non-Indonesian speakers can understand this and have a good laugh. All images posted here are taken from said scanlation--only up to chapter 4 so far--which could be found here: http://flooone.blogspot.com/

Thank them for they're sacrificing their eyes and money to even scanlate this thing XDD

Here's the cover~

Think it's crappy enough? Wait until you take a peek inside....

Picspam of the epic failure-ness that may burn your eyes... )

---On a completely different (and random) note... I thik I lost some weights, yay! The jeans that wouldn't fit no matter what when I tried a few months back, can now slip easily up my hips and settle nicely around my belly XDD
I guess being kind of depressed and losing a bit of appetites has its benefits, lol

AAAAAND~!!! I'm totally in LOVE with the icon I just got from [livejournal.com profile] kencana_kencana. Isn't little Yuu just adorable? <3 *points at icon*

That's all for today. I'm totally hungry and I haven't replied to some emails which I've neglected for a week or so because of my failed internet...

Later, dearies~

Umm. Hi?

Dec. 1st, 2009 11:13 pm
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Hello dearies,

I just want to say thank you to you all who have given me encouragement in my last post. Sorry I didn't reply to all of you, but do know that I'm grateful and happy for your concern. :)

Also, I'm still alive here! I did say it was a SEMI-hiatus, ne? Which means I won't be completely gone. Just I might not be productive for the time being and not commenting that much on your entries, which I apologise for it m(_"_)m. Life still sucks but I've calmed down a bit and in a more or less whatever-will-be-will-be state since there's not much I can do anyways. *shrugs*

Anyway. I just recovered from diarrhea, a result of my own stupidity for consuming sushi + yoghurt + full cream milk, though not all at once but still within the span of 8 hours. *bricked*
Yes, stupid, I know...

Oh. I also have just found out that I had a ghost picture from where I was in Singapore earlier this year. The ghost (an unidentified black shadow behind a window in a supposedly empty room) is far from where I was, but it's still creepy >.>
It's hard to explain here, so I'll just post the pic next time. I'm on my mobile phone now xp.

Aaand, lastly: Please fill this MEME for me? *bats eyelashes*


You'll make me happy if you fill this, and if you're doing this meme too, let me know and I'll fill yours :D

That's all for now ^^

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Dearest F-list,

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE DEEPEST OF MY HEART for all your attentions and hugs in my previous entry. Really, I appreciate them. Your words mean a lot to me, so thanks and I'm sorry I couldn't reply to all your comments, but do know I'm grateful for all of them. *hugs*

So anyway. Currently I'm mentally and emotionally exhausted. It's not about my grandmother, but... Well, RL is currently driving me crazy and trying the limit of my patience. Always, when I almost get what I want, it's taken away. I'm tired of all the hopimg and believing and stuff, and it doesn't help my mood and muse. So umm. I'm going to be in a SEMI-HIATUS state as of now. I'm sorry if I haven't been and will not be commenting much on your entries, and I will not be able to be productive either, until I figure out what the hell does Lady Fate want from me and settle myself down.

So umm. I'm sorry and bye for now, dearies?

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So, I found this meme on my friend-list a few times, and I thought I wanna do this too. I want to... Well, be useful or something. Even if it's just lending an ear to your anonymous rant, or to hear what people would say about me when I don't have to know who they are so... If you want to mention something you don't like about me, go right ahead. I need to be introspective every once in a while, right? ;)

Oh, I would most likely reply to whatever you tell me; about your stories or anything, so if you don't want me to say anything and just listen (well, read), just say so ^^

Here's how it works!

Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. Tell me your stories, your secrets, those things no one ever asks but you wish to tell.

Tell me about your love, your indifference, your joy. Tell me what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here.

Tell me anything. Tell me what you think of me or yourself. Anything.

Post anonymously. Speak honestly. Post as many times as you like.
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So, at about 16.52 GMT+7, there was another earthquake. It's about 42 km from Ujung Kulon, about 200-300 km from Jakarta and only 10 km deep from the ocean's surface, and it was 6.4 in Richter scale (or so I heard).

Surprisingly enough, I didn't feel it, unlike the previous ones (and when I said that in my facebook, my best friend immediately went: "Oh please, Hon, you seriously didn't feel that?"). But judging from the distance, it's getting closer to here. :(

They say it might be a part of the ones happening in Sumatra a while back.

God, I hope there will be NO earthquake happening anywhere around here.

I haven't heard of any casualties, though. Guess I'll just stay tuned to the news.

Anyway. My bro will be home till Sunday. That means I can snag his laptop every night at ungodly hours and WRIIITE~! XD

I almost finished another Yullen fic (angst for this time :p), and I'll try to write one for TeFu as well. Or maybe I can start rewriting TSM chap 5. People are starting to hunt me down for not updating >.>

Oh, and a few months back I signed up as an artist for [livejournal.com profile] dgm_bigbang. Won't have to worry bout that till December, though. :D

Anyway that's it for now. I hope next time I post I'll finally be able to post the picspam xp

OH! A question!
This is totally random but... Why is the 'expression' of someone dies is kicks the bucket? I mean.. Why 'bucket', of all things? Sorry, I'm not native so I don't know and I'm kinda curious XD;;
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Oh before that, I'm getting that Kanda/Allen icon *points at icon* because I am now officially in love with Kanda/Allen *nods*
I know it's rather late. I've once considered this pairing but that was all. The last three days, I've been drowning myself in Kanda/Allen fics (they call it Yullen, but I'm a bit... Not so comfortable yet with that name) and now I can proudly say I love this pairing <3

Am attempting my first fanfic on them. Wish me luck :D


That aside... I read through some of my old original fics this morning, and GOD! I felt like reading some bad fanfictions! Damn, did I really write them? O.o
Meh, I'll see if I can fix some of them...


My ex's facebook status:
"Isn't Snow White basically a story about a Prince who all of a sudden had an irresistable urge to make out with a corpse?"

His friend: Not really... I mean, you've seen the movie, right?

Him: Then what's with the whole thing about him kissin a stranger in a glass coffin?


I must say I'm rather... amused. I mean, I've never thought of the original Snow White that way, tho I've read a twisted version in a manga XD;

Ah well, enough randomness. I don't come online often these days, so I'm just dropping by to say I'm still alive tho with a flu now, just in case any of you misses me.

But then maybe not. XD
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Yeah, another kitty of mine (most likely) died. Again. Go figure, huh?

This time, it's Fla, the one who had the same color with Skippy who had died around a month ago.
The granny who lived nearby told us he was ran over by a car, when we weren't home yesterday afternoon. It seems they didn't see who did it but they have a guess. They found Fla inside a gutter nearby, all bloody and yet still alive. The Granny and Mona, a neighbor across my house then clean him up because he was all dirty and bloody, and wrap him with a cloth, but then when they were away for a bit, Fla stood up and ran.
Yes, eventhough he was dying, he could still run. He was the biggest of the remaining three, and was really healthy. He was strong.. Maybe that's why he still had the energy even when he was dying... Anyway they caught him again and slipped him into my house's carport through under the gate, but last night, when I got home, he wasn't there.

Probably, he ran off again, somewhere, looking for a place.. If only we were home, we could've at least stayed by his side and he didn't have to suffer alone...

We still haven't found him until now, but perhaps, he'd have died by now.
I really prefer he had died so he's no longer suffering.
I'll see if we can find the body later on...


Why, and I mean WHY do my kitties always die? WHY?

Damn it, I'm sick of this...
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It's around 4.30 am but I havent slept. Meh.


Coz I've been neglecting houschores and had to do it before my parents arrive this morning! D:

You see, my parents left for a bussiness trip on Thursday. My bro has gone for a field trip since last week, so I've been completely alone at home. Having no one to fuss about doing things, i'm glued to my PC most of the time. I didn't do the chores, and my eating patterns got more messed up than it already did before (I had dinner at around 10 pm) and I haven't even bathed my kitties...

So, I was pretty much sticked to my pc untill after midnight when i realized I have works to do. And if I didn't do the chores, my mum would kill meh xP

I started sweeping the floor at around 2 am, then I also mopped it. After that I had to wash the dishes, and then take care of the dried laundry. So yeah, i finished them all at around 4 am. And I need my sleep now D:

LoL, doing houseworks at so damn late night (or is it VERY early morning?) isn't a good idea huh? And my mum might want to start worrying of me living alone if she knew bout this XDD

Oh btw, I had my hair cut again... I really want to keep it long, but duh... Hairfall problem... My mum told me to cut while she's gone it so i went to the hairdresser on Friday. Before, my hair on the back pretty much reached almost the half of my back, but now it's just a little over shoulder-length. Not to mention my hair's wavy so it looks even shorter ~_____~

I'm not meant to have long hair...

Rawr. That's for now. I'm so damn sleepy, and laaater today I'll still have to donate my blood to my stepgrandma (?)

I better go to sleep now...


Jan. 7th, 2009 09:09 am
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One of my kitten, the cutest of them all, SKIPPY, just died. About twenty minutes ago or so.

Rolled over by my dad's motorbike.

And he didn't even stop to at least see if she could still be saved, even when my mom told him that he had rolled over Skippy.

No. He fled the accident scene immediately.

Just. Like. That.


And the neighbouring kids treated it like some kind of a show. Do they think a dying kitten is amusing?


... I'm gonna dig out her grave now.
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1st of all, I've told u guys already that I met up with Yosi-san ([livejournal.com profile] sasuke_fuji) and Isu ([livejournal.com profile] isumi_ilde) last Monday ne? Yosi san has finally written a short report on that day with some PICCIES on us HERE in case u wanna see us :p


I haven't regained my drive to write. Not to mention my bro's a BIG distraction when he's home. I've been watching anime cz he brought so many! We decided to catch up with some old anime we haven't watched, and two days ago I ended up watching .hack//sign (14 eps), .hack//G.U ova (1 ep), .hack/ /Roots (1 ep) and Honey and Clover season 1 (10 eps). Total: 26 eps.
Yesterday I didn't watch anything from morning-afternoon. Been reading manga, still no drive to write. When I finally wanted to try writing, my bro made me watch another 8 eps of Honey Clover with him. *facepalms*

He's gone out today. U think I can do some writing? *sigh*


[livejournal.com profile] vierblith_tefu and I lost the bet with [livejournal.com profile] lafuego, so we ended up having to give her a fic and an art. My wife will write the fic, of course. I'll draw an art from her fic later. The prompt would've killed me if I had to write it: Fairy!Au with much incredulous!Tezuka, a bit of pastoral English countryside (if i remember correctly) and this quote: Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew.
I generally suck at AU so I'm glad I'll just have to make an art :p


For those who read my The Smiling Merman
I know I've abandoned it for so long, and I'm trying to get myself in track for writing TSM (I think I've lost my touch there so I'm trying to regain it) so I just wanna know, please answer these:
1. What aspects in TSM do you like most? Or maybe the strong points in that series?
2. What do you expect to see in the following updates?
Can be anything: the characterizations, genre, portrayal, plot... anything.
I CAN'T promise to fulfill all expectations but I'll try so just let me know what you think? Thanks in advance! *bows*


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