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I just got stalked. IRL.

So I was on my way home from the office after attending the Beauty's wedding right? I changed public transportation twice before riding an ojeg--it's some kind of taxi, just in the form of a motorbike XD;

Anyway from where I rode the ojeg to my house took about 20 minutes. Got stuck in a minor traffic jam along the way, and that was when i felt like someone was watching me. but I decided to think nothing of it, because, hey it's a traffic jam, everyone gets stopped. And That guy was probably just looking at my general direction, not at me.

As usual, I got off the ojeg in front of my neighborhood. I'd still have to walk for a bit from there. As I walked, suddenly there was a guy on a motorbike talking to me. At first I thought he wanted to ask for direction, but then he said something like, "You were just from Ciledug (the place I started to ride the ojeg) right? Did you just get home from uni?"

I only frowned at him, thinking things along the lines of wtf wtf who the hell is this guy, but then I ignored him and kept walking. But he was following me. with his motorbike.

He kept asking where I was going home to, then asked for my number and when I snapped at him to stop following me, he just laughed and said "Aww, come on~" and I was like--so yeah I kinda freaked out inwardly then. by then I was already in front of my house, but I walked on, passing my house because like hell I'd let him know where I live. He kept pestering me for my number so I yelled at him, and then he was gone, riding his motorbike faster. I walked onn until I saw him turn the corner, then stopped. I still had a bad feeling so I didn't go home. I saw one of my neighbors, Granny, was hanging dry her laundry in front of her house, so I decided to approach her and said hi. We talked for a bit, and then I told her someone with a motorbike was following me. I glanced at the corner he had turned to earlier and--guess what? He was there again, but immediately turned back when he didn't see me on the streets (since I was right in front of Granny's gate by then. I pointed at him though and Granny saw him when he showed up at that corner again, so she invited me in.

We talked some more in her front yard, and then the Stalker passed by the road in front of the house and saw me, then he stuck out his tongue and rode on. Granny clearly saw him this time and told me I shouldn't go home yet because he definitely would want to know which one was my house. I agreed, because that was what I was planning anyway. I asked Granny if I could go inside the house so that guy wouldn't see me again, and she let me in. Meanwhile her husband, Gramps was still sitting at the terrace, reading the newspaper.

Granny and I were talking inside when Gramps told us the Stalker just passed by again, and I was like--seriously? When will he give up? I waited for a bit more before finally calling my mom, saying I was in Granny's house because I had a stalker following me from Ciledug all the way here. Mom said she'd take a look outside, and then Granny went out and peered to the streets, saying that the guy wasn't there anymore.

Finally it was my dad who went out, but yeah teh guy wasn't there anymore. I went back to my own house, and dad went to talk to Granny a bit. She filled him in that the guyy had been going back and forth in front of the house, and then dad went to the security guards, who then said they were already suspicious when they saw that motoribike kept going in and out the neighborhood, and that the guy was gone but he rode the motorbike very slowly, probably wanting to see if I'd show up or something.


It was VERY creepy I swear. >.>;;
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